Paronteau Home Services

Meet Steve

Steve Paronteau, Blanchard, ID

Steve is a Certified Home Inspector in Eastern Washington state and North Idaho. He is the owner of Paronteau Home Inspections and Paronteau Junk Removal. Steve loves spending time with his wife, son and daughter. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves exploring the woods, hunting, fishing and camping.

Steve decided to start his own business after having children for the flexibility it offered. After spending 13 years in the trucking industry and being on the road nights, weekends and holidays, Steve realized that was not the life he wanted to lead with his family. He chose Home Inspections because it seemed like a natural transition after years of experience in the construction and building industries. Steve’s inspiration also came from several family members who work as general contractors.

After spending some time performing quality home inspections, Steve began to observe a need for many of the home owners he met: They all had junk they didn’t want to move to their new place! Inspired by what he observed, Steve began offering his Junk Removal services to assist the home owners and realtors trying to sell homes. That branched out to his general junk removal service as it is today!

Steve’s business philosophy is simple:

Offer a high quality service that people need, with fair and straight-forward pricing, as painlessly as possible.

Paronteau Home Inspections and Paronteau Junk Removal are co-owned with his wife Tiffany, who is an accountant for a local CPA firm.